About Us

The Edge Partnership of Schools in Birmingham Charity (EPSB) was formed in 2008 and attained registered charity status in 2009. Its origins were in south west Birmingham, and most of the charity’s work remains there. South west Birmingham has been blighted by spatially and generationally persistent poverty, unemployment and low aspirations, though the schools have proven to be a beacon of light, with ‘outstanding’ ratings from Ofsted for half of the schools within EPSB. Though disadvantaged, the area we are located in is rich in potential and talent…..EPSB sees its mission to develop this potential, share with others what we do, and learn from others and their experiences.


Richard Crookes is the Headteacher of Turves Green Girls School, serving a distinctly challenging catchment in outer south west Birmingham near to the now dismantled Rover car plant. Richard offers EPSB thoughtful, decisive and perceptive leadership and he has had a clear and meaningful impact at both his school and the charity.

Operational Director

Duncan Chamberlain is a social entrepreneur who operates an incubator for social enterprises and social innovators in Birmingham. Combining a background in business and education he operates EPSB with a committed and young team who deliver a range of projects.